FANCY Cheesecake?

As a kid I grew up watching my mom bake desserts all the time & I used to sit and wait around for her to pour the batter into the tin so I could have the bowl to lick clean myself. I also loved it when I was given a chance to be in her kitchen and bake something new that she had not tried before. Its when I felt very proud and happy.

In the past couple of years, I started baking again and this kid-like happy and excited feeling came right back to me and I knew I needed to take some time off and do nothing but bake and “clean” some bowls.

So i took a sabaatical from work and spent 3 months at culinary school in Edinburgh. Where I learnt to make soooo many delicious and wondeful desserts and bread.

For now I bake traditional New York Cheesecake and Spanish Burn Cheesecake.

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